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Our Mission

Utopian Harvest makes healthy eating easy by connecting local micro-farmers and local buyers. We believe that by focusing on local, we support our economy, our communities, our health, and our planet.

Our Story

Justin Rohner, Utopian Harvest visionary, grew up with the family farm in Tempe until it was sold in 1986. Since 2001, Justin has rekindled and expanded the offerings of the family business across a growing network of local micro-farms utilizing the best water and micro-climates available. His growing techniques have greatly expanded the varieties available to the local market and continues to improve local food access and quality through as well as speaking nationally at various USGBC events, Small Farm conferences, Prepper-Fests, and Green Thumb Thursdays on AZTV. Justin is also a recognized speaker and advocate for the local food movement.

That being said, Justin really just likes to grow food in Arizona and is inspired by the the deep agricultural traditions and the growing local food scene that exist here.  In 2006 he started the first Agriscaping Residential Research Facility in his back yard in Power Ranch. In the summer of 2014, Utopian Harvest was donated to Justin and the Agriscaping pros to help align more local production with the local food economy and sharing the growing trend of nature’s remarkable abundance with the community.

Join Utopian Harvest and share in the delicious connection of Community Supported Agriculture!

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Meet the Team!

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 We are a collection of a special breed of organic growers…

people with real heart for their work. Join the movement today!

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