Cauli-Flats Bruschetta

Bruscetta Cauli-Flats

Cauli-Flats Bruschetta I have been on a quest to come up with ways to make gluten free meals and as much grain free meals as possible.  I also am trying to reduce the carbohydrate in my eating habits yet still enjoy the flavor of starch.  I found that cauliflower is a great substitute for potato […]

Citrus Turkey Lettuce Wrap

calamondin turkey wrap in lettuce

Citrus Turkey Lettuce Wrap When you have a lot of citrus such as grapefruit, lime, lemon, limette or Calamondin and don’t know what to do with them?  I recommend using it for a turkey lettuce wrap.  Limette and Calamondin are unique citrus that is similar to a fusion of lemon/lime with a Kumquat.  Calamdonin also […]

Guava BBQ Meatballs

Guava BBQ Meatballs

Sometimes I just want a quick snack.  I love Swedish meatballs because they are easy to heat up in a crock pot and also full of flavor from the BBQ sauce.  Unfortunately, this means the snack is full of sugar and high fat.  I also don’t want to have to make my own meat balls […]