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Agriscaping’s mission is to improve local food access & sustainability by transforming landscapes into elegant, edible food gardens easily managed with the help of online tools, education and professional support.

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  • Custom Micro-Climate Zone map of your yard identifying your prime growing locations
  • Custom Edible Zone Chart highlighting some of your favorite edibles and where they will produce best in YOUR yard.
  • Dream Landscape Discussion including a quick sketch of how you might include your dream elements into your landscape in an elegant and resourceful way.
  • How much space you’ll need to dedicate to edibles to feed your family
  • Water-Harvesting Assessment including productive potentials of your grey water and rainwater resources and a discussion on how to easily tap into each.
  • And…a discussion on how we can further assist you to create and maintain the landscape of your dreams… but only if you would like.














































































































































































































































































We have selected a preferred lending partner to personally assist our clients, their friends and family in meeting their goals of home ownership & maximizing their financial well-being.  We are proud to introduce Bay Equity Home Loans Gilbert with an exciting opportunity & exclusive benefits.

• Discounted Closing Costs • Discounted Realtor fees for purchase transactions
• Superior service levels • Highly competitive rates and exceptional product selection
• Fast closings • Mortgage guidance throughout the life of your loan


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