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Utopian Harvest CSA!!!!

March 2019 


The Utopian Harvest CSA starts with a SPRING SHARE of 10 weeks of produce from March through May.

Each week we provide fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers grown at our certified locations within 15 miles of your closest Hub (either Power Ranch in Gilbert, or Skysong in Scottsdale).

A share of the full season’s harvest is $250 (one harvest bag per week for 10 weeks), or a 1/2-share for $150 (one “bundle” per week for 10 weeks) with payment plans available. Pay in full and receive a FREE Utopian Harvest tote bag. Weekly produce will be washed, weighed and ready for you to pick up on your delivery day.

GILBERT: Delivery day is Wednesdays from 4:00 – 8:00pm at the Power Ranch Farmer’s Market in Gilbert (Near Higley and Pecos) ORDER HERE GILBERT

SCOTTSDALE: Open Swap and Delivery is Thursdays from 12:00 -3:00 PM at the Sky Song Gardens at 1455 S. Scottsdale Road (Scottsdale Rd. and McDowell) if you can’t make that time slot to pick up, your order will be available for pickup at Fellow Restaurant later that same day. ORDER HERE SCOTSDALE

Fabric Bags will be provided on your first pickup. Members bring their own bags (swap out) to transport their veggies and will receive a newsletter with info about the farm and recipes and are welcome to visit the veggie trade basket to customize their share.

Utopian Harvest feeds it’s members with over 30 different crops including seasonal fruits, luscious greens, sweet carrots, robust tomatoes and fragrant onions, along with potatoes, peppers, lettuce, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, herbs, edible flowers, and much more.  Utopian Harvest  vegetables are grown and handled with a focus on flavor, diversity and vitality, resulting in long lasting and health-enriching produce. The farm is naturally grown and pesticide-free. See “about” page above for more info.

We also offer DIY classes live and online as well as Starter Plant Shares for those looking to grow their own!!!


Justin Rohner, Utopian Harvest visionary, grew up with the family farm in Tempe until it was sold in 1986. Since 2001, Justin has rekindled and expanded the offerings of the family business across a growing network of local micro-farms utilizing the best water and micro-climates available. His growing techniques have greatly expanded the varieties available to the local market and continues to improve local food access and quality through as well as speaking nationally at various USGBC events, Small Farm conferences, Prepper-Fests, and Green Thumb Thursdays on AZTV. Justin is also a recognized speaker and advocate for the local food movement.

That being said, Justin really just likes to grow food in Arizona and is inspired by the the deep agricultural traditions and the growing local food scene that exist here.  In 2006 he started the first Agriscaping Residential Research Facility in his back yard in Power Ranch. In the summer of 2014, Utopian Harvest was donated to Justin and the Agriscaping pros to help align more local production with the local food economy and sharing the growing trend of nature’s remarkable abundance with the community.

Join Utopian Harvest and share in the delicious connection of Community Supported Agriculture!

Each week we provide fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers grown within the Certified Utopian Harvest gardens all within 15 miles of your closest Hub (either Power Ranch in Gilbert, or Skysong in Scottsdale).

Every week we will post on the Utopian Harvest Facebook timeline, Instagram page and our Twitter feed what will be in our harvest bags Wednesday at Power Ranch or Thursday at SkySong.

All orders need to be in before Monday by midnight!!!!

If you have any questions please let us know through Facebook or via email to

All of our partnering farms are LOCAL, NATURALLY GROWN, and PESTICIDE FREE. They are also non-GMO, and actively using sustainable growing practices with emphasis on natural, local sourcing for all their inputs from the soil, seed, sustenance, to staffing. In other words, your produce is grown naturally sustainable and complete with all the localized nutrients and beneficial bio-flora that promote healthy, sustainable plant growth and improved nutrition for us all!


REGULAR BAG May include Grapefruit (3 extra large), Oranges (6 mixed variety) Lemons (4 large), Baby Kale (1/2 gallon bag), Mixed Baby-Greens (1/2 gallon bag), Mixed edible flowers (small bag), Fresh Rosemary (4 oz.), and Parsley (1 fist)

Remember, you may also substitute some items at pickup.