Fall Season Starts September 11, 2019

Utopian Harvest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


The Utopian Harvest CSA starts with a FALL SHARE of 10 weeks of produce from September thru November.

Each week we provide fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers grown at our certified locations within 15 miles of your closest Hub (either Power Ranch in Gilbert, or Skysong in Scottsdale).

IMG_3441GILBERT: Wednesdays from 5:00 – 8:00 PM at the Power Ranch Farmer’s Market in Gilbert (Near Power and Pecos) ORDER HERE GILBERT

SCOTTSDALE: Thursdays from 12:00 -3:00 PM at the Sky Song Gardens at 1455 S. Scottsdale Road (Scottsdale Rd. and McDowell). ORDER HERE SCOTTSDALE

About Utopian Harvest Growers!

Our philosophy is grow locally, share healthy foods with our neighbors & support local economy.

All the produce is:

  • Grown Hyper-Local – within 15 – 20 miles (instead of the grocery store “local” growers can be as far as 499 miles)
  • Grown Naturally – better than Organic (incorporating healthy bio-flora into the soil)
  • No Pesticides (use of companion plants and healthy soil to keep pests away)
  • No GMO’s (made the way God intended)
  • Picked at the Peak of Harvest Time (NOT weeks ahead & Modified Atmosphere Packaging to give the illusion of “freshness” and “ripeness”)
  • Sustainable & Secure that is good for the environment (NOT crossing the borders and driven in trucks hundreds of miles to your store)

Examples of Agriscaping Growers in your neighborhood for Utopian Harvest 

Agriscaping pictures from the backend of Sat TourAgriscaping pictures 3 of sat tourIMG_0266

  • Our growers are actively using sustainable growing practices with emphasis on natural, local sourcing for all their inputs from the soil, seed, sustenance, to staffing.  
  • In other words, your produce is complete with all the localized nutrients and beneficial bio-flora that promote healthy, sustainable food and improved nutrition for us all!
  • Each Utopian Harvest CSA bag supports homeowners in your community who wants to turn their love of gardening and yards into an edible and elegant landscape that pays for itself.
  • Your Utopian Harvest CSA Share empowers local economic growth.  You are providing education, certification, and jobs for the next generation of Agriscaping Certified Pros.

Each Share is enough to feed 3-4 people:

  • Your share contains a mix of: Vegetables • Fruits • Edible flowers • Herbs
  • Normally $300 for a 10 week share, but you can save $50 if you pre-pay & Select what you want us to grow for you!
  • Minimum of $50 deposit to lock-in your savings so we can start growing your share
  • Provide you with an Eco friendly bag for easy transport of your CSA share
  • Pickup location is at The Power Ranch “Barn” (3685 S Autumn Dr., Gilbert, AZ 85297  near Power Road and Pecos)  OR at Skysong (1455 N Scottsdale Rd suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85257 next to Fellow Osteria and Pizza)
  • Limited Offer of 80 shares starting September 11, 2019 per Location Pickup. First Come First Serve!


CSA bag & grass

  • May include varieties of Citrus and/or other Fruits (4lbs),
  • Baby Kale (1/2 gallon bag),
  • Mixed Baby-Greens (1/2 gallon bag),
  • Seasonal Vegetables (1 bunch),
  • Mixed edible flowers (small bag),
  • Fresh Rosemary (4 oz.), and Parsley (1 fist)

Remember, you may also substitute some items at pickup.

If you have any questions please let us know via email to market@utopianharvest.com