Fresh Fig Friday!

It’s that wonderful time of the year! FIG Time!

All around town, the fig-trees are beginning to ripen and starting THIS Friday, July 19th, they will be fresh and ready to pick up over at the Power Road Farmer’s Market!

These are all Real Fresh, real local fruits ready for your enjoyment…

Ways to ENJOY Figs:

  • Cut them in half, carve out the inside goodness and eat them fresh!
  • Quarter them and add them to your oatmeal!
  • Wonderful chopped into a salad
  • Make your own fig-bars
  • and whatever you don’t eat fresh, you can dry and enjoy for months to come!

Also, have you ever wondered what “Figgy Pudding” is? We’ve all heard the song at Christmas time… “We wish you a merry Christmas” Well, in the song they talk about “Figgy Pudding” like it’s something know Christmas, or caroler can do with out! They even exclaim “we won’t go until we get some!”

So, what exactly are they talking about?

Here it is: (Click on the picture for a great recipe from

Figgy Pudding. Photo by kbpurple