Guava & Shrimp Salad in Lemon Mint Dressing


Shrimp and Guava Salad with Lemon/Lime Mint Dressing


I know, this is a weird combination but I guarantee you that if you like shrimp and shrimp salad, guava will make a new love for your shrimp dish.  I came up with this because the guava I had were getting old and was not as sweet as I like them.  So I decided to spice it up a bit and my niece was coming into town so I wanted to impress her with something that a 5 stars restaurant would serve at my 2 stars budget.

Weight loss benefits of eating shrimp

Loaded with protein, vitamin D, vitamin B3, and zinc, shrimp are an excellent, carbohydrate-free food for anyone determined to shed off pounds. Zinc supplementation of zinc deficient subjects has been shown to increase the levels of circulating leptin. Leptin is a hormone that plays a key role in regulating the body’s energy expenditure, fat storage, and appetite. Insufficient leptin levels are believed to be the primary cause of food cravings, overeating, and obsession with food. The iodine in shrimp is good for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland which controls the basal metabolic rate, or the rate at which the body consumes energy at rest. Iodine deficiency can result in sluggish thyroid activity which in turn can lead to weight gain or hinder weight loss.

A true beauty food

Shrimp contain astaxanthin, a carotenoid that gives them their pink color and that can act as a potent antioxidant and protect the skin from premature aging. Also the omega-3 fatty acids in shrimp provide antioxidant protection. The zinc shrimp boast plays an important role in the production of new cells (including hair cells and skin cells). It also helps maintain the oil-secreting glands on the scalp that keep hair shiny. In addition, shrimp are a good source of copper which can help prevent hair loss, contribute to hair thickness, and intensify hair color.

The health benefits of guava include the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, cough, cold, skincare, high blood pressure, weight loss and scurvy.

Here’s a visual of the health benefits of guava:


Serve 4                                                           Total time (20-30 minutes)

5 large/medium Cut guava (bite size pieces) without seeds
1/2 lb (8 oz) Cocktailed shrimp (cut into small pieces and without tails)
1 large Lemon (juiced) or 2 lime (juiced)
¼ cup Olive oil
8-10 sprigs Fresh mint leaves (don’t use the stems)
To taste Salt and pepper
1 teaspoon Agave or a dash of sweetener like Stevia (optional)

To prepare the guava:

  1. Cut the guava length wise in ½ and use a measuring spoon to scrape out the seeds as best as you can from the center of the guava fruit. You can choose to peel the skin off the guava in case it is bruised or too bitter for your taste;
  2. Cut the de-seeded/peeled guava into ½ inch size or bite size;
  3. Squeeze ½ of the lemon/lime over the guava to keep it from browning in a bowl

To prepare the shrimp:

  1. Thaw the frozen shrimp and remove the tails
  2. Cut into small bite size pieces;

To prepare the dressing:

  1. In a food processor, combine mint leaves, olive oil, sweetener, the rest of the lemon/lime juice and salt and pepper.
  2. Emulsified the whole mixture into liquid – dressing like texture.
  • Pour the dressing with the shrimp and guava in a bowl and toss thoroughly. Serve as is chilled.

This makes for a wonderful snack or appetizer and does wonders in a hot day.