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Examples of Agriscaping Growers in your neighborhood for Utopian Harvest 

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  • Our growers are actively using sustainable growing practices with emphasis on natural, local sourcing for all their inputs from the soil, seed, sustenance, to staffing.  
  • In other words, your produce is complete with all the localized nutrients and beneficial bio-flora that promote healthy, sustainable food and improved nutrition for us all!
  • Each Utopian Harvest CSA bag supports homeowners in your community who wants to turn their love of gardening and yards into an edible and elegant landscape that pays for itself.
  • Your Utopian Harvest CSA Share empowers local economic growth.  You are providing education, certification, and jobs for the next generation of Agriscaping Certified Pros.

We are a collection of a special breed of organic growers…

people with real heart for their work.

To get started, your property must first be assessed and evaluated for integration into the Utopian Harvest Network.

 CLICK HERE to get started with your Initial On-Site Assessment (performed by Agriscaping)

Or if you would like to learn how to grow your own?

Check out Agriscaping.com